AT&T wanted me to take a customer survey. Everything was multiple choice until, at last, an “essay question.” Here’s my essay:

When I tried to cancel a wireless line just last week (no longer needed as I’d traded in my iPad with Cellular data on one with only WiFi), I was frustrated with an ESL service representative who called me “Mr. [First Name]” and tried obstruction tactics like transferring the line to a smart watch, even offering to give me one for free. It took me 14 minutes to cancel the line, including time with the service rep’s “supervisor” who told me how hard she was working to support her two children.

This was HIGHLY offensive and manipulative, the kind of crap I’d expect from scammers.

That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it. I’m also stickin’ with AT&T for the time being, though my phone is now unlocked.