Yes, this is legal wonkery, but the smart participants at can get it if they take a deep breath and try.

My very favorite insight:

[M]any of the same people who criticize Mueller for “resorting to perjury charges” are also among those who criticize him for not having yet brought any criminal charges arising out of conduct during the 2016 campaign and urging him to wrap things up. One of the reasons we criminalize lying to prosecutors … is because it is often used, successfully, to conceal criminal activity, making it more difficult than it would otherwise be to uncover criminal behavior. It’s hardly fair to criticize Mueller for not having completed his investigation yet while simultaneously making excuses for those who have been lying to him and making his job, as a consequence, that much more difficult. Perhaps, if everyone involved in this case were not lying about their contacts with the Russians, the investigators would have been able to complete their job in a more timely fashion.

[W]hen so many people lie about the same thing - their involvement in communication with the Russians - one is surely entitled to be suspicious that something untoward was going on.