We spend too much time on “he hit me first!” and too little asking why we care. Why would anyone be willing to shut down the government over something as dumb as the wall?

Clearly, President Trump is doing it because Ann Coulter and her brethren will throw a snit if he doesn’t. But why are they so gung-ho about the wall rather than pushing for an immigration policy that would, I dunno, work?

Megan McArdle. Why does anybody really care what Ann Coulter says? She lost her mind or her soul on 9/11, when her friend Barbara (?) Olsen went down inside Flight 93. Formerly funny, she’s now all toxic, all the time (last time I checked).


Underneath the cries of a crisis at the border, and man’s inhumanity to man, it boils down to this: Team Trump wants to build the wall because Democrats will hate it, and Democrats will hate it because Trump built it. Common sense can’t penetrate this perfect, closed circle of mutual loathing.

So: Maybe we’ve all lost our minds.