What makes such men and women both tragic and heroic is their knowledge that the natural expression of their personas can lead only to their own destruction or ostracism from an advancing civilization that they seek to protect. And yet they willingly accept the challenge to be of service… Yet for a variety of reasons, both personal and civic, their characters not only should not be altered, but could not be, even if the tragic hero wished to change… In the classical tragic sense, Trump likely will end in one of two fashions, both not particularly good: either spectacular but unacknowledged accomplishments followed by ostracism… or, less likely, a single term due to the eventual embarrassment of his beneficiaries.

Victor Davis Hanson, The Classicist Who Sees Donald Trump as a Tragic Hero

This is a really audacious spin on Trump that I suspect has an element of truth in it — no, make that more than an element of truth in it.