The United Methodist travails, when I get my anger at the progressives under control, evokes what I think is a serious question:

In an age that thinks some sin isn’t a sin, or even thinks it’s a virtue, dare the Church for pastoral reasons de-emphasize the truth for a season to keep from driving away unrepentant sinners (who see themselves as righteous)?

The obvious context is the idea that the Church should keep its nose out of the bedroom, but many Christian traditions have long been lax on gluttony, avarice, pride and other sins.

I recall an argument at First Baptist, Prescott with a man who insisted that pride was good. Maybe “pride” is equivocal enough that our arguments weren’t meaningfully engaging, but winks at gluttony are ubiquitous, in some places more than others.

(I launched this out into the void of, but here I suspect that some smart people may have some helpful things to say. I picked the title to catch their attention.)