Another Wednesday, another midweek G-File (🔒). In it, Jonah examines the argument feminist writer Linda Hirshman made in the New York Times this week: She believes Tara Reade, but she’s voting for Joe Biden anyway. “As a practical matter, I don’t begrudge Hirshman for voting for Biden, and I admire the honesty in her reasoning. But it’s worth recognizing that America is suffering from a collective action problem unfolding before its eyes. Hirshman’s theory of feminism is clearly her highest good, just as Christianity is for many of those who opted to acknowledge and then ignore Donald Trump’s behavior. Without gainsaying anyone’s individual choices, it seems nonetheless obvious to me that the world we’ve created is demanding that people compromise their abstract ideals in order to live in it.”

The Morning Dispatch 5/7/20 (emphasis added)