Becoming the people you warned against

The gift of the Enlightenment, of modernity, was to place objective reality, truth, at the center of human understanding and experience … For the past couple of decades, Christians have warned of the breakdown of objective reality that would—that has—come with post-modernity.

… [W]hile Christians rightly feared the crumbling of moral absolutes postmodernity would bring, we did not account or prepare for our own conscription into this worldview in which power replaces truth … We therefore find ourselves not only being subject to but even using postmodern means—seeking platforms, leveraging power, increasing polarization, and unwittingly sacrificing truth in the process–in order, paradoxically, to achieve our “noble” end of preserving truth. We have become the very thing we warned against,… Nietzsche was right: in the absence of truth, there is only power.

Karen Swallow Prior, quoted in Alan Cross, Memorial Day 2020: Grieving Another COVID-19 Death Count Milestone (The Bulwark) (emphasis added).

Dr. Prior has been at Liberty University for a rather long time, even without tenure. But she’s a truth-teller, and I suspect that both she and Jerry Falwell Jr. will breath a sigh of relief as she decamps this spring for what surely must be a saner place.

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