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Extending beyond the basic requirements of the Decalogue, the Bible is full of if/then propositions that describe the terrible consequences of sin and the benefits of obedience. There are so many, in fact, that it’s one explanation for the persistence of legalism or the prevalence of problematic theologies like the prosperity gospel. Seeking certainty in an uncertain world, Christians latch onto these propositions as if the promised rewards for righteousness are typically immediate, literal, and material.

I’m Not Hateful, You Are - The French Press.

After that, I hoped French would demolish the prosperity gospel, but he only did a little bit. Mostly, he wrote a bunch of mooshy-gooshy stuff about how members of each major party grossly misunderstand and misrepresent members of the other party, and how policy positions overlap much more than perceived, how (at least tacitly) there’s a lot of room for productive political compromises, and how polarization is dangerous, and boring stuff like that.

And the more news you consume, the more Karens and crazies you can quote, so the instant someone asks you why you’re so angry, you can respond, “Did you hear what Shaun King said about Jesus? Have you seen the insanity in the CHAZ? The sins of the few are attributed to the many, and so you say of them all, “You don’t know how bad those people are.”

No, you don’t know how good they are.

Yawn! Nothing to see here. Move along now.

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