Can this vital coalition endure?

The most important near-term question in American politics, obviously, is whether the anti-Trump coalition is powerful enough to evict him from office in November. Among the most important long-term questions in American politics, a bit less obviously, is the extent to which the anti-Trump coalition, which includes many conservatives joining people they once vigorously opposed, might continue redrawing ideological lines even after Trump is gone.

What will happen to these strange bedfellows? Perhaps they will wake up in the morning, mumble some awkward goodbyes, and quickly push the evening out of memory. Or maybe they will shyly offer that they enjoyed this time together, exchange numbers, and suggest maybe, you know, if not too busy, it would be fun to see each other again.

The values questions that could drive a major realignment include:

What is the morality of cancel culture?
How broken are American institutions?
How linked are merit and success?
What is the aim of racial progress?

Something big is happening.

Rearranged as a teaser for The Anti-Trump Movement Will Outlast Trump (POLITICO). There are two good reasons why the Movement/Coalition must endure:

  1. The far left
  2. The far right
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