Signs and wonders

Wouldn’t this be a shock?

Typically, the African-American vote strongly favours a Democratic candidate. In 2016 for instance, only 8% of the Black vote went to Trump.

But in a recent Rasmussen poll (which is known to lean conservative) a full 49% of likely Black voters approved of Trump’s performance. This follows data that already shocked the pundits last year that put this figure at around 34%. If accurate, these signs point towards a building momentum of Black support behind the incumbent President.

Given that Donald Trump has often been labelled a “racist” by his detractors—particularly in the post-George Floyd era—this is a remarkable set of circumstances.

Portrayals of Trump as an enemy of minorities and an ally of white supremacists has not been lacking. What is dwindling, however, is the number of minorities who are ready to believe that characterisation.

Ignore the polls: Black America may yet carry Trump to victory » MercatorNet

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