Jaron Lanier is an amazing mensch

This is wise:

The pandemic had only complicated his relationship with his peers, he said. Many people in Silicon Valley were fleeing, to panic bunkers and second homes and survival compounds in New Zealand. Some of them were even inviting Lanier along. “A few people have called me from time to time and said, ‘Hey, you have to get in on our New Zealand thing,’ ” Lanier confided. “I’m like, ‘No.…’ I just feel like, if we can fuck it up here, why can’t we fuck up New Zealand? What’s better about New Zealand than here? It’s even riskier for earthquakes, so the only thing about it that’s inviting is we haven’t fucked it up yet. This idea that you can fuck up the world, but then there’ll be some part of it that you haven’t fucked up, is wrong. If you fuck up the world, you fuck up the whole world, you know?”

Jaron Lanier (mostly), quoted by Zach Baron, Why Facebook Is Bad, Twitter Might Be a Little Bit Good, and Social Media Is Rotting Our Brains | GQ

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