Scandalizing a client

When I was still practicing law, a fundamentalist client (nice guy, not a caricature) came across Image journal in my waiting room and was horrified, looking at me as if he’d misjudged me all these years because of its auspices: the Center For Religious Humanism. (The only humanism my client knew was “secular humanism” which was a conservative Protestant bugaboo for a while.)

But Brad Birzer isn’t going to let the secularists steal humanism:

At its most simple definition, being a humanist means believing in the humanities, the liberal arts. At its most simple definition, then, being a Christian means being a follower of Jesus Christ. A Christian humanist, properly understand and at the most fundamental level, means being a follower of Jesus Christ and being a lover of the liberal arts.

Brass Spittoon: Bradley Birzer on Christian Humanism | Front Porch Republic

I’m afraid, though, that my client would be scandalized by liberal arts.

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