Bald Eagles and Canadian Geese

For many of us who have grown up in small towns, we are drawn to the allure of the big city. We wonder if the big lake would be a better habitat than our small pond. The lights, the people, the excitement, and the money cause us to wonder if there is something out there that we don’t have here. Is there a part of the human experience that we are missing because we experience the night in the moonlight instead of the streetlight?

However, the question I inevitably have to come back to is what if my true habitat is actually here? What if I am not the bald eagle but am much more like the Canada geese that also makes their home in this same reservoir? They thrive in this habitat, and you can find a number of them just about any night you happen to be walking down the road. When I think that I have misjudged my habitat, maybe I have just misjudged what type of creature I am. If I am more like the Canada goose, then nothing is wrong with my habitat. It suits me. Looking for something else, instead of enjoying my present situation, will lead me to a less ideal place.

Zachary D. Schmoll, A Bigger Pond (Front Porch Republic)

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