Theology at critical remove

The problem with Theology done at a critical remove is that we can become untethered from love of God and so untethered from the Other. It is then that we begin talking mostly about ourselves.

For me, to make the soul the arbiter of knowledge with the tool of criticism robbed my soul of its native tongue, which was belief. I could no longer speak the language of adoration, of petition, of prayer. I could only stammer in a language that was not my own, and one that lacked words I desperately needed. I could no longer pray.

I am of two minds about whether Theology belongs in the secular academy. On the one hand, of course theology should be treated along other disciplines, borrowing and stealing frameworks that help make sense of its claims. And yet endlessly theorizing about the One who is beyond all thought can serve to hand God over to our desires. Theology can become an endless exercise of power. The “authentic self” wills to be “what it is.”

Kirsten Sanders, On Unlearning - Mere Orthodoxy.

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