Quotable, wherefore quoted

I’ve been using Readwise to store and remind me of my book (and some other) highlights. Out of the blue this morning it came up with some great ones I’m sure it hadn’t featured before:

  • We approach a condition in which we shall be amoral without the capacity to perceive it and degraded without means to measure our descent. (From Ideas Have Consequences)
  • Smith argues that the noun religion is an unhelpful reification of what does not as such exist. (From The Myth of Religious Violence). I can’t see how we’d function today without this “reification,” but I’m ever-mindful that there’s a lot of play in the joints.
  • When men must no longer win bread by the sweat of their brow, the primal curse will have ceased; and we are assured daily by advertisements that the goal is not too far off. (Another from Ideas Have Consequences)
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