Advice sought: caveats for a gullible new smartphone user

I have a youngest brother who’s “on the spectrum” and has been conned repeatedly. He has a professional guardian of his finances as a consequence, but I’m the “boots on the ground” for day-to-day and personal stuff.

We’re getting him his first smart phone because he doesn’t have a computer, but email is becoming a professional necessity (he’s a professional violinist).

I know pretty well how to secure an iPhone, including sending unknown callers straight to voicemail. I’ve already told him he doesn’t have to be polite and cooperative with total strangers who call his dumb phone, and I’ll tell him the same for texts and emails to the smartphone.

But I’m worried, especially the longer he’s online and leaving a trail, about email and text scammers. What additional warnings should I give him?

(It’s better to avoid trouble than to have theoretical legal recourse after the fact.)

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