Kennedy v. Bremerton School District

Y’all may have noticed that I care a lot about religious freedom. I’m also near 100% on calling religious freedom cases in the Supreme Court.

But I admit that I don’t know how Kennedy v. Bremerton School District will come out. Maybe that’s because I’m not sure how I want it to come out.

  • The facts are muddy and contested;
  • Coach Kennedy comes across as a conscious, crypto-insubordinate provocateur;
  • The chance of players feeling coerced into joining the Coach seems too high;
  • I cannot find it in me to believe that Kennedy feels a bona fide obligation to pray publicly at the 50-yard-line in the first place.

We should know very soon. If I say anything to the contrary when the decision comes down, you have permission to call me on it and to suggest that it may be time to get a mini-mental exam.

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