Preliminary cruise debriefing

Alaska cruise concluded. My wife and I agree:

  • The fawning of the mostly-darker-skinned staff made us uncomfortable. It was like LARPing Massa and slave.
  • Too. Much. Noise. Son thoughtfully got us a cabin in the middle of the ship (in case either of us was prone to mal de mer), but that put us next to a 8-story atrium with loud music until 10:30 nightly. Grrrr! It was hard, generally, to find a quiet place other than retreating to one’s cabin.
  • Too. Much. Booze. For a couple of hundred bucks, Royal Caribbean will let you consume unlimited amounts of alcohol (subject, presumably, to civilized behavior), and we saw a lot of people hell-bent on getting their money’s worth.
  • Alaska is worth seeing.

I’d say Alaska is worth another visit or more, but considering how vast it is, there’s probably no amount of visiting that could really familiarize you with the place. All was saw was the Southeast, and coastal cities at that.

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