A stench rises

Last year’s Republican reform capped at $10,000 the state-and-local tax deduction … The previous unlimited deduction had allowed taxpayers to avoid the full pain of high state taxes, effectively subsidizing bigger government in high-tax states …

The deduction flows to a small subset of taxpayers who itemize and tend to be affluent. This is especially true now that Republicans have doubled the standard deduction and more filers will decline to itemize deductions. The $10,000 cap was a political compromise intended to ensure that some middle-class taxpayers don’t end up paying more.

But … New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and others are standing up for millionaires: The Attorneys General of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland this week filed a lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan claiming that this change in tax policy violates the Constitution. The plaintiffs assert that “the new cap disregards Congress’s hitherto unbroken respect for the States’ distinct and inviolable role in our federalist scheme.”

Wall Street Journal Editorial Board

The stench of hypocrisy rises — let the reader decide from where.

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