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ORIGINAL: Annoying music loop. Interruptions every 30 seconds to tell me that “All representatives are still busy. Please continue to hold ….” (All I want to do is roll back my printer driver to one that didn’t delete booklet-style printing. Impossible on web. Grrrr! #HP )

UPDATE: I was cut off abruptly three times, back in the hold queue each time. I ultimately got an ESL individual who could not be bothered to listen or to think.

She: Your printer is out of warranty so there will be a “minimum $19.99 charge” for technical help to set it up.

Me: I don’t need to set it up. It is set up, but with a driver that inexplicably deleted the ability to print booklets. Is it really a warranty claim to ask for a driver that isn’t crippled in comparison to the old driver your website told me to replace (to fix a problem that turned out to be the printer assigning itself a 172.xxx.xxx.xxx IP address instead of 192.xxx.xxx.xxx, not a driver problem)?

She: Booklet printing should be somewhere in the printer setup. Maybe it moved.

Me: It is not there. I have looked everywhere. I used to have duplex options of long-edge binding, short-edge binding or booklet. Booket is gone.

She: We cleaned it up. There’s just long-edge and short-edge now, no booklet printing.

Me: Then I want the old driver back. Just send me a link to it, please.

She: It’s no longer available.

Me: Then you can’t help me, I’m not paying $19.99, and I’m voicing my displeasure with HP.

Which I have now done.

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