DeNiro's Tony Award F-bomb

This is so perfect. A New York-based movie star denounces Donald Trump in his introduction for a blue-collar troubadour whose stories about the Working Man™ are being performed for Manhattan audiences who pay close to a thousand dollars a ticket to hear them.

The disconnect is so massive that it’s comic.

I can’t imagine that many Trump voters were watching the Tony Awards last night, so they wouldn’t have seen that virtue-signaling display. But it will enjoy a long life on social media, where it will do Donald Trump a lot of good with the masses, because it will solidify their entirely accurate belief that the cultural elites hate them. De Niro and the standing-ovation-giving audience are so vain that they don’t recognize this.

(Rod Dreher)

Or, as the Babylon Bee put it:

I Know This Is An Unpopular Opinion Among Celebrities, But Someone’s Gotta Say It: I Don’t Like President Trump

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