For us the bell tolls

Though I ceased to believe as a Catholic in 2006, I fervently believe, and advocate in my writing, that as goes the Roman church, so goes Western civilization. For all its flaws, Rome has strengths that neither Protestantism nor Orthodoxy have. I’m not making a theological claim here, but a sociological and cultural one. It is vital to all of us traditional Christians that the Roman church reform and recover. Whatever we think of Catholicism, none of us traditional Christians should take satisfaction in what’s happening within the Roman church. The bell tolling for it now is also tolling for us — and for our civilization.

Rod Dreher.

I have never been Catholic, and barely considered it when I left Calvinism (for Orthodoxy instead of Rome). But it’s hard not to agree with Rod on Catholicism’s sociological and cultural importance in the West.

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