From the mouth of a purported dummy

Evengelical (sic) Christians are a very large percentage of this country’s population and an even larger percentage of this country’s conservatives and Republicans. But there is a reason that all of the people on the right who write cultural criticism or are politically influential are Catholics or Jews or Orthodox or atheists or Anglicans. All of the smart people among both moderate or establishment Republicans and dissident Republicans are also all Catholics or Jews or Orthodox or atheist or Anglicans. Evangelical contributions to this country’s Arts, literature, culture, music, Theater, and intellectual output has been mediocre at best and mostly almost non-existent at worst. I think I’m actually fairly critical of America and American culture, but of the parts of it that are greatest and most worth saving, evangelical Christians have contributed almost nothing.

Matt in VA, a regular commenter on Rod Dreher’s blog, responding to a self-identified Evangelical who boasted that his IQ was higher than Matt’s.

Out of the mouths of a dummy comes embarrassing truth.

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