Getting our story back

[T]he most important question is what story is the Democratic Party telling? As Alasdair MacIntyre argued many years ago, you can’t know what to do unless you know what story you are a part of. Story is more important than policies.

If I had to advise on a Democratic narrative I’d start with three premises: First, by 2020 everybody will be exhausted by the climate of negativism and hostility. Second, the core long-term fear is American decline; are we losing our mojo? Third, communities and nations don’t come together when they talk about their problems; they come together when they do something on behalf of their children.

David Brooks.

I really must remember, whenever the New York Times slimes me with another exhibit of polymorphic perversity, that David Brooks and Ross Douthat (the Obituaries, too — none better) make it all worthwhile.

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