The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.

Veteran [David] Barton watchers will know where I am going. The quote can’t be found in Lincoln’s writings or speeches. At one time (as late as 2012), Barton considered it an “unconfirmed” quote. Barton knows the quote can’t be sourced to Lincoln but he attributed it to Lincoln anyway.

This isn’t how actual historians behave. They don’t try to fool their audiences into believing something that isn’t true. And this isn’t the first time with this exact same quote.

How can an audience rely on Barton’s claims when he fudges a quote he knows can’t be found in Lincoln’s works? A fair questions is: what is he fudging on more important claims?

Warren Throckmorton It is one of several things that bode ill for Eric Metaxas that he allowed himself to be photographed making nice with humbug Barton. Metaxas should note well the object lesson of Dinesh D’Sousza, a very bright Ivy League conservative reduced now to trolling.

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