Hurricane Maria killed 64 Americans in Puerto Rico. The belated, inadequate, incompetent, indifferent, and corrupt response of the Trump Administration killed more than 4,000 more:

At least 4,645 people died as a result of Hurricane Maria and its devastation across Puerto Rico last year, according to a new Harvard study released Tuesday, an estimate that far exceeds the official government death toll, which stands at 64.

The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that health-care disruption for the elderly and the loss of basic utility services for the chronically ill had significant impacts across the U.S. territory, which was thrown into chaos after the September hurricane wiped out the electrical grid and had widespread impacts on infrastructure. Some communities were entirely cut off for weeks amid road closures and communications failures.

I’m glad someone tracked this down and called out the calloused race-baiter in the White House.

Fred Clark

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