Intransigent about being de-legitimized

The New Yorker has a long article laying out the evidence that Russian “discourse sabotage,” undertaken on its own, probably swung the election.

But the New Yorker constantly and reflexively assumes that consequential Russian meddling makes Trump’s Presidency illegitimate (in direct contradiction to the opinion of the scholar who carefully made the factual case). No wonder Trump won’t give an inch on conceding Russian interference!

But if the factual case is made, and the conclusion of illegitimacy keeps echoing through your mind, what’s your remedy? Ask the Supreme Court to summarily remove Trump from office (a kind of Karmic pay-back for the 2000 election)? What if other considerations you deem unworthy of voters were shown to have swung a critical mass? Can the Republicans come back with social science that even more Clinton voters were motivated by even unworthier considerations?

Calvinball really is the Democrats’ new favorite game.

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