I live in a college town in the South where there are many college students in Bible study groups who come out of an evangelical Christian culture that is, of course, fairly common in the south, especially in the suburbs. They are often quite open about being Christian (meeting in large groups in the student center, etc.) and it’s a large part of their identity. And I’m sure many of them do believe orthodox things even on the subject of human sexuality and even while living in the context of a national culture hostile to orthodox belief on that subject. And yet. Plenty of them really are soft squishes. There’s no doubt about that. These are the kind of kids and twentysomethings who go into marketing or whatever and tell themselves and others that they’re going to use their Communication degree or whatever other crap they “studied” to share the message of Jesus’s love in an effective manner and really increase “engagement” among “important demographics.” You listen to them talk about God and Jesus Christ and everything, literally everything, that comes out of their mouth is in the language of consumer capitalism and therapeutic culture. Their entire brain’s operating system runs on that of the USA in 2018. There is an intellectual softness and squishiness here that is really depressing — these poor kids are absolutely permeated by our vile shallow culture.

(Matt in VA, a reader of Rod Dreher’s blog, emphasis added)