Jonathan Merritt on religious liberty

Jonathan Merritt describes what the Trump Administration is doing with religious liberty.

I agree that the emphasis has been excessively on freedom for Christians, so I’m tilting my religious liberty dollars toward Becket, away from ADF.

But “Christian business owners who refuse service to LGBT people” is a tendentious description of something rather more nuanced. I’d counter-balance Merritt by referring to it as “the freedom of artists from conscription into creating works to celebrate things they cannot in conscience celebrate, for any reason, philosophical or religious.”

For instance, a photographer was left unmolested after she refused to shoot family portraits of the then-CEO of ADF.

I also would venture the opinion that Trump’s lack of hostility toward conservative Christians, a sharp contrast to the acts of Barack Obama and the rhetoric of Hillary Clinton, probably swung more votes and electors than Trump’s ultimate margin. It was literally the only reason I could briefly entertain the possibility that I should vote for him.

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