I’m getting this weird “I thought I was the only one” feeling about Eugene Peterson’s influence. I can’t remember a single word from A Long Obedience in the Same Direction, but I never forgot it, either. I think it was the sensibility that was unforgettable, a kind of sobriety and resolve. Sober, learned piety was not something I’d seen enough of.

I think that’s the only one of his books I ever read. I didn’t “follow” him particularly thereafter, so I’m not in the “he touched me deeply and here’s how” fraternity, which apparently is huge.

Here are four things I’ve read in the wake of his death Monday, each of which is worth a read for those touched by him:

  1. New York Times obituary.
  2. Eugene Peterson: A Monk Out of Habit
  3. Ministry Lessons from the Life of Eugene Peterson.
  4. Ten Ways Eugene Peterson Shaped My Pastoral Ministry – Renovate, (by our own @mwerickson)

He pastored, diligently, thoughtfully and with integrity, in a “liberal” denomination, but had followers scattered like preservative salt throughout the Evangelical tradition.

May his tribe increase, and may his memory be eternal!