Press "hostile" to religion?

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It boggles this Catholic’s mind that you are surprised that any of these pastors would talk to the reporter.

This blog has existed on the premise that the media, by and large, are hostile to any kind of religion. The hero of these pastors, President Trump, paints the press as the enemy rather than a guardian of the people’s right to know. And then you are surprised when that actually manifests itself in the real world.

GR Muse-In-Chief Terry Mattingly responds:

Ah, what we have here is a failure to communicate.

You see, no one [at] thinks that the vast majority of news-media pros are “hostile to any kind of religion.” To be blunt about it, many journalists don’t care enough about religion to work up a decent case of hostility about the subject. Some journalists love some forms of religion and, well, aren’t fond of others.

Also, apathy is not hostility. Ignorance is not hostility, either. Some editors are scared to try to cover religion. That isn’t hostility, either.

He goes on to describe “The Four Biases that Shape Religion News Coverage,” quoting from an old article of his own.

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