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An illustration of why I’m curtailing Facebook (and Twitter) in favor of and my WordPress blog:

[O]n March 1 of this year, on the two-year anniversary of the [Babylon] Bee’s launch, Facebook struck again. This time, its left-leaning “fact checker” friend, Snopes, decided to judge an absurd, over-the-top, nonsensical, satirical story of ours about CNN putting news in a washing machine to “spin” it before publication as FAKE NEWS. Facebook took that big red judgment and used it to redirect our readers to Snopes’ page saying that we were intentionally spreading false information. Think of it! The story was so obviously satire—you can’t put news in a dang washing machine!—but the Snopes police arrested us, and the Facebook judge informed me that if it happened again our very popular page would be snuffed out and demonetized. I thank God that when I tweeted out a screen shot of their threats, it went viral and people started yelling about it. Though Facebook would not reply to me earlier, once reporters started knocking on their door, they admitted their error and promised not to throttle our page’s reach.

I do not say that Facebook is evil. I do say that “The need for that kind of policing tells me something about why I don’t want to hang out there.” I won’t share my other grievances or concerns because I haven’t kept a log.

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