I have been a proponent of making sure that rules applied to conservative Christians are applied to others, even though the application of those rules is wrong in and of itself. The recent Masterpiece Supreme court case was decided largely because of the anti-Christian animosity of the Colorado Civil Rights commissioners and the uneven way they applied their rules. If the Colorado Civil Rights Commission wants to take away rights of conscience from conservative Christians then it is appropriate that they take away the rights of conscience of everyone else. I have asserted this even though I believe in the right of conscience for everyone. But removing the right to freedom of conscience from non-Christians creates an incentive for them to care about the rights of Christians.

If I believe in freedom of conscience and freedom of religion then I must fight for it for everyone. That is the counter-pressure to my position that all groups must abide by the same rules. I face a situation where I know that imposing the same unfair rules those would like to impose on Christians to non-Christians can help create momentum to get rid of the rule. So am I giving in to the practical concerns rather than holding to my ideological principles? Maybe. That is why I am not sure I am right to assert fair play for all since it may produce unjust rules that are universally applied.

That is my intellectual dilemma. As of right now I still believe in spreading the pain to everyone ….

George Yancey.