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Remember the ads where a guy got slapped in the face with Mennen Skin Bracer and jerked to alertness?

[E]mploying charm and flaunting success to woo a young lady is the oldest trick in the book. That [Bill Clinton] was married at the time made his behavior despicable. That he conducted his affair in the White House made it unseemly. That he lied about it under oath constituted a crime. But none of this amounts to exploitation, and it is only because we have so much discomfort articulating moral judgment that we to turn to the law to remedy what are essentially lapses of character.

So what does all this matter? Why defend Bill Clinton? Because in the years since his affair with Ms. Lewinsky became public knowledge we’ve created a monster. The harassment-industrial complex—lawyers, human-resources professionals, activists—has installed itself as our collective chaperone, the high priest of courtship, vested with power to decide which advances are kosher. Minions are regularly dispatched to assail those with too much wealth or prominence or unfavorable political opinions.

Abigail Shrier, Hillary Clinton Is Right—Her Husband’s Affair Was No ‘Abuse’

Thanks. I needed that.

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