[Her Royal Highness} looked as if she was assessing a large and rare marsupial, not exactly dangerous but skittish and unpredictable, with which she had just been presented by a loyal tribe of subjects …

Watching this grotesque performance, I was filled (as I so often am these days) with sorrow that so few British children read or study Shakespeare anymore. Was anyone ever better at portraying the nauseating nature of false praise offered by the powerful to those they intend to destroy? When Goneril says to her father Lear, “Sir, I love you more than words can wield the matter; Dearer than eye-sight, space, and liberty,” we know exactly what is coming next.

Likewise, when I watched Mr. Trump declare, “This incredible woman here is doing a great job,” and “She’s a terrific woman doing a terrific job,” my very pancreas shriveled in sympathy with Mrs. May; and when the president proclaimed, “I would give our relationship with the UK the highest level of special. Am I allowed to go higher than that? I am not sure. It’s the highest level of special. They are very special people, it’s a very special country and as I said, I have a relationship because my mother was born in Scotland,” then I trembled for my country.

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