Jeremiah speaks

We tend to think of the prophets as fortune tellers, gazing into a crystal ball … But that is not what they did; … They looked not to the future, but to the present moment to see what the inevitable consequences of current actions must be.

We too have abandoned the poor and come to believe that all things can be referred to the “free” market. We too grant great privileges and exemptions to the rich and resent the amounts we pay for the poor, resent the regulations and institutions that might protect the working person or the environment. And we feel nothing when infants are ripped from their mothers’ arms, mothers who are trying to escape the social and economic chaos that our own policies or our insatiable appetite for drugs has caused. And perhaps we feel this way about their children because our own infants can be torn from the womb with impunity. Will we do these things that Zedekiah did, and not suffer the same fate? I hope not. But if we are to avoid his fate, we must recognize its possibility and undergo a change of heart.

John Médaille

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