Will a conservative SCOTUS scotch SSM?

If there is a danger for Obergefell [the SCOTUS same-sex marriage decision] over the longer term, it lies in some critics’ claim that gay marriage is somehow in unavoidable future tension with religious liberty …

This “inevitable conflict with religious liberty” argument—which Justice Alito touched on in his Obergefell dissent—is unsound, most notably because any high-court majority inclined to overturn Obergefell would also have the votes to apply the First Amendment directly to secure whatever religious objectors’ rights it thought necessary to vindicate. Still, the argument underscores an additional reason to hope that in its consideration of objectors—bakers, florists, photographers and the rest—the court takes care to respect both pluralism and liberty.

Walter Olson, Gay Marriage Is Here to Stay, Even With a Conservative Court (pay wall). It’s not “some critics.” It’s everyone who understands religious liberty in a robust sense and is paying attention.

(Olson gives 7 other reasons, too.)

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